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Lunch with Maria Bradford Kitchen

Maria Bradford is an exceptional cook with a great eye for detail and presentation. She specialises in authentic Sierra Leonean dishes, and occasionally organises exclusive private dinning events . I recently visited Maria in Kent and lucky for me, she had cooked up quite a storm.

Maria was also responsible for organising my cousin Zulaikha’s baby shower. You can see that post by clicking HERE.

The menu included:

Salmon and cheese platter/ cucumber and salmon platter/ tuna on fresh  sliced baguette 

 A selection of salads  

Fried rice and sausages 

Hot pepper sauce 

Barbecue fish skewers 

Jollof rice and beef stew

Potato and beef stew

Rice and potato leaves, with beans

Rice and cassava leaves

Pitcher of fresh organic orange juice

Raspberry sorbet  

Coconut sorbet 

You can follow Maria Bradford Kitchen on Instagram by clicking HERE.

Musu Kaikai


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