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A taste of Paris

Paris has got to be one of the healthiest cities I’ve visited. Aside from the customary bread platter which was served on arrival at most restaurants, I found the portions quite small (not that I was complaining) and the menus quite healthy, but appetising. I would say however that the wine more than made up for the portions.

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I absolutely love seafood, so the seafood platter  at La Belle Armee was bliss.

I couldn’t leave Paris without having afternoon tea at Laduree. Thick hot chocolate with whipped cream, hot tea, sweet pastry, sandwiches… it certainly lived up to my expectations.

On our first night in Paris we  had dinner at  La Belle Armee. I had the Salmon Fillet A L’Unilateral… yumm!

Musu Kaikai


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