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Visit spain: Placa Reial

Its official guys, Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world (top 5 to be exact)!!!The food, the wine, the architecture, the weather, the cost of commodities, the laid back vibe…I could totally live there if I didn’t have to learn Spanish (I’ll rather conquer Mende first before moving to other languages), lol.

La Sagrada Familia is the most popular attraction in Barcelona (attracting nearly 2.8 million visitors each year). It was also one of my favourite sites (not that we got a chance to explore that many places). The basilica was designed by Antoni Gaudi, and although construction began in 1882, it is still ongoing. Having said that the beauty and attention to detail is just astonishing, and since it is predicted that construction will be completed within the next 30 years, I can’t wait to visit then to see the finished product.

The park across from La Sagrada Familia is just heavenly. Not only is a great place to take photographs (the lighting is on point), it also good for relaxing and taking in the hustle and bustle of Barcelona.

My second favourite place was Placa Reial, located off Las Ramblas; a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and locals .Placa Reial is pretty much a square filled with an array of hotels and restaurants specialising in various cuisine; including Spanish, Italian, French, etc. We spent quite a lot of time at Placa Reial trying their culinary delights and taking in the various performances geared towards entertaining tourists.

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