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Visit Morocco: Journey to the Savannah

My sister Wokie turned 25 recently and to commemorate the milestone we went on a trip to one of the destinations on our to-go list; Marrakesh, Morocco. Our time there was pretty amazing and as always we had a list of thing to do to make the best out of our short stay. First on the list was camel riding in the desert.  However given that such trips requires more than a day, we settled for the Savannah on the outskirts of Marrakesh instead. The experienced was everything I expected and more. Our guide Abdul was very patient and took his time to make sure we were safe and comfortable.

On arrival at the camel ranch we were given these really beautiful Berber dresses which I absolutely LOVED. We were also turbaned to help protect us from the gaze of the sun.

Camels are pretty graceful creatures and apart from the occasional groaning, pooping and movement, they are a great ride. However if like me you haven’t exercised in a while and spend more than an hour on a camel, your hips, legs and every other muscle will feel the effects for dayssss.

The views outside Marrakesh were breathtaking  and it felt great to be one with nature.

Musu Kaikai


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