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Visit Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

My 2014 trip to Malaysia was pretty short and at the end of it all, I had about 6 hours to myself.  All the same I still managed to visit the two most important places on my list;  the  Petronas Twin Towers and India Town, for a spot of shopping. I also stopped by the historic Central Market which was slightly more expensive.

I have no words to describe how magical the the  Petronas Twin Towers are. At best, I would describe it as a masterpiece composing of steel and light.

Malaysia is quite renowned for its beautifully crafted decor including carpets, vases, cushions, etc. A trip to the Central Market was therefore in order

Now if you are looking for  cheap, quality fabrics, jewellery, sewing, etc, Indian Town is the place to go. The town boasts rows and rows of shops filled with intricate pieces from India and other parts of Asia waiting to be snapped up. Plus, the more you buy, the more discounts you get, or so the shopkeeper told me, lol. Either was everything I bought proved to be great value for money.

A room with a view…

Musu Kaikai


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