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Visit Kenya: Lake Nakuru National Park

One of the things I noticed during my visit to Kenya for Easter 2018 was the scale of investment in the tourism industry. My sister Wokie and I spent about two weeks there and literally spent day doing a different activity. From safari excursions, to trips to the local markets and art galleries, Kenya fulfils every expectation you could have of visiting East Africa.

The park is located about 3-4 hours outside Nairobi, depending on what time you leave home. You will get to take in the breathtaking view of the Rift Valley on your way there, which I must admit is breathtaking.

The day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park was one of the highlights of my visit. Home to a multitude of wildlife; including lions, zebras, warthogs, baboons , rhinos, etc, the Park is a favourite among tourists and locals. Other attractions include:

  • Flamingo (Greater and Lesser) and other water birds including a variety of terrestrial birds numbering about 450 species in total.

  • Mammals: 56 different species including white rhinos,waterbuck etc.

  • View-points: Lion hill, Baboon cliff and Out of Africa

  • Hills: Enasoit, Honeymoon, Lion hill ridge etc

  • Waterfalls: Makalia.

  • Unique vegetation: About 550 different plant species including the unique and biggest euphorbia forest in Africa, Picturesque landscape and yellow acacia woodlands

  • Etc...

On arrival at the national park our first priory was to eat and rest, as the drive from Nairobi was quite long. We had lunch at Lake Nakuru Lodge because we were quite hungry and it was the closest establishment to the main gate. The customer service at the Lodge was great and the food selection; which consists of both local and international dishes, was quite tasty.

I didn't take pictures of my food (I was THAT HUNGRY) but this virgin Pina Colada was quite refreshing.

After lunch we relaxed by the pool for a bit, before heading out to explore the wildlife.

The number and species of animals you get to see at the park varies according to the time of the day, the season, the weather and other factors. I was quite happy to see zebras, antelopes and a few other mammals for the first time. Unfortunately Simba and Mufasa were not around so I had to postpone our meeting to my next visit, which I hope will be sometime soon.

Musu Kaikai


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