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Visit Italy: Journey to the Amalfi Coast: Salerno & Positno

During our trip to Italy we visited the towns of Salerno, Amalfi and Positano along the Amalfi Coast. The journey was nothing short of dramatic, which I think made it more enjoyable. It didn’t seem that way at the time because sometimes, I felt like I was about to fall off a cliff (quite literally), or just shake someone. We purchased our train tickets in Rome the day before our journey and travelled to Salerno, where we were to board a ferry to Positano, since there are no trains to Amalfi. On arrival at Salerno train station we proceeded to the ferry terminal where we sat for about two hours taking pictures, before being told by another passenger that there were no ferries to  Positano because of bad weather and rough seas. At that point we were about three hours behind schedule and had no choice but to find the only other alternative means of transportation- overloaded busses that took two hours to get to our final destination, required several stops and one change.


Now people if you think ‘Black man time’ is bad, you should try Italian time. Not only are they regularly late, but they are quite nonchalant about it. Coming from London, I found this quite annoying because we had so much to do and so little time. When we arrived at the bus terminal it was full of passengers travelling Amalfi so we missed the first shuttle. According to the bus timetable the next shuttle was an hour away so we joined the queue. Guess what guys, the bus arrived a hour and a half later, and by then many people had jumped the queue. There was no way I was going to stand for an hour while we drove along steep 100ft  cliffs so I gently told everyone to BACKUP  while I secured two seats for Wokie and I.

Hello Amalfi

From Amalfi we boarded another bust to our final destination, Positano. Positano was  beautiful and exactly what we had envisioned.

By the time we arrived however we were quite exhausted so we just changed, had dinner and went to our hotel to sleep in preparation for the next day. You can see pictures from our dinner by following me on Instagram (click HERE).

Musu Kaikai


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