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Visit Ghana: Printex, Osu

I first heard about Printex fabrics from Sierra Leonean social media guru, Vickie Remoe, who happens to manage their store is Osu, Accra.

Having lusted over several of their advertising campaigns, I made it a point of duty to at least visit the store and get my hands on a copy of Vickie Remoe’s Go Woman Magazine, which retails at the store.

Printex African prints are a combination of art, cultural inspirations, and interpretations of Africa’s landscape, and wildlife.  The brand uses bold shapes and patterns combined with seasonal colors. The design process consists of concepts from textile designers which are later turned into decorative patterns applied to cotton fabric by synchronized rotary screen methods and tubular screens. Print paste is then distributed inside the tubular screen and applied on to the fabric which is pressed between the screen and the printing blanket. The product then undergoes a variety of finishes that end in bales of colourful African designs.

Compared to most quality fabrics such as Vlisco and Wooding, Printex fabrics are just as good and quite affordable. Printex fabrics can be purchased in several countries including Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Niger, Angola  South Africa and Zambia.

Your could learn more about the brand by clicking HERE

Excuse me while I gush over the picture of my sister, Maryann  Kaikai, Creative Director of Madam Wokie, standing next to Tyson Beckford in Go Woman Magazine…

Musu Kaikai


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