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Visit Ghana: Centre for National Culture, Accra

If you are looking for souvenirs or African inspires pieces for your wardrobe or home, the Centre for National Culture, Accra, is definitely the place to shop.

It included rows and rows of stalls containing souvenirs, footwear, handbags, jewelry, clothes for both men and women, carvings and much more. While the experience can be quite  tiring given the hours spent haggling and the constant calls from vendors to visit their stalls, your unique purchases should be consolation enough.  My recommendation when bargaining is that you half the price you are first quoted and take  it down from there. If one trader refuses to sell it at that price, trust me, someone else will.

Also it is worth noting that many of the pieces you find at the Centre for National Culture will also be sold in most African inspired upscale boutiques in Accra, just at wayyyy higher prices. So make sure you visit the Centre for National Culture before braving the streets of Osu.

Musu Kaikai


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