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'The Luxury of Colour' : Turfah Resort 2017 Collection

In November 2017 luxury store Alara hosted the launch of Tola Adegbite's fashion label, Turfah. The event saw the unveiling of the brands 2017 Resort Collection, “The Luxury of Color”, which featured bold colours, exaggerated sleeves and luxurious silk. The collection was inspired by Nigerian traditional wear.

Speaking about her collection Tola notes

"I think my design journey has been all my life, as a child I used to sketch and my nickname was Tola Art. I then studied graphic design, practiced for a while, then went into advertising and then furniture design and interior design…and now I have decided to follow my passion and something in me said just do it, make one of those outfits you have been sketching."

To learn more about Turfah or follow its journey you can follow the brand on Instagram.


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