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The Karankay Project by Kadiatu Kamara

The Karankay Project is the brainchild of Kadiatu Kamara, the Creative Director of Vivid Emporium.  Kadiatu started the project with two talented families whom she discovered in a small town of Fulah Town, where her family took her to recover from an illness in August 2016. Speaking about the project,  Kadiatu notes ​“I had started feeling better, but I was still struggling to walk, so I started taking small strolls in the neighborhood so I could get used to walking again. One day, I walked past one of the houses close to where I was staying…I saw these very cool and interesting looking pair of male sandals put in the sun to dry. I stopped and asked whose they were and I was introduced to the young man (Papa) who owned them, who was also in fact a “Karankay man”. He worked with his wife (Mamusu), but things had gotten harder financially since the Ebola outbreak and they were unable to bounce back and produce anything for over a year. I took the shoes and took a good look at them. The talent and creativity was so present, I knew I just needed to add that little “Kadiatu” touch and we could produce something amazing and pride worthy. After making arrangements, a few days later, we made our first work table, we collected some good materials and we started making some samples. As we went on, Papa and Mamusu introduced me to Adamsay; A mother of four very smart and talented children, three of whom use to attend school, but things had gotten so hard for Adamsay and her husband, they could no longer afford the little school fees and school supplies for their children to go back to school. I offered to get the kids back to school and provided some of the basics both families needed to keep going. That was it, Papa and Adamsay’s families were relieved and excited to know that some of their basic problems at the time had been taken care of. Without really knowing where this project would go, they were ready to work. Without any clear indication of the next chapter in my life when I leave that little village, I threw myself into the project and I soon found a new purpose; I soon found peace that I had only ever dreamt and prayed about. The Karankay Project started”.  Accessories by the Karankay Project will soon be available for purchase on the Vivid Emporium website. Proceeds from the Karankay Project will go towards helping develop the small community of Fulah Town.

To make a purchase or learn more about Vivid Emporium and the Kasankay Project, visit the brands website by clicking HERE.

Musu Kaikai


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