St. George's, Grenada

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of visiting St. George's, Grenada. It was my second time in the Caribbean and my first time in Grenada.

One of my first impressions of Grenada was that it is very similar to Sierra Leone. The weather, the landscape, the vegetation, the food, it was almost like being home. The buildings were designed like the old colonial building that once lined Murray Town and Kroo Town Road in Freetown, while the sea was so warm, I could spend all day swimming.

The major difference between Sierra Leone and Grenada however is that like most Caribbean countries, Grenada has harnessed the potential of the tourist industry to boost its GDP and infrastructure. There was an unlimited list of adventures to undertake while there, which made my trip fun.

Below are a few photos from my trip where I visited the Grand Anse Beach, Concord Falls, River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery and downtown St. George's, among other places. Enjoy

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Grand Anse Beach

River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery

Downtown St. George's

Concord Falls

Downtown St. George's

Musu Kaikai