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Sophie Zinga at LFDW2017

Graphic, sophisticated and born from a unique vision of modern style, the Sophie Zinga collection is marked by a new approach to design, where luxury meets sensuality.

The Sophie Zinga woman is socially conscious, well travelled and is part of today’s cosmopolitan world. She has timeless elegance and channels a unique mix of contemporary, sophistication with a touch of minimalism while still embracing colours and shapes. The collection features exquisite and the finest materials and fabrics namely silks, hand made Senegalese cloth and semi precious stones.

The brand presented its 2017 Collection at Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017 and the collection was nothing short of amazing. As always, creative director Sophie Nzinga Sy was inspired by her Senegalese heritage and aesthetics.

Creative Director, Sophie Nzinga Sy, whose natural talent was developed while attending the prestigious design school, Parsons, has always been an avid art enthusiast. Senegalese born, she is constantly drawing inspiration from her travels and the fusion of the multiple cultures that have shaped her, from her African roots to her New York City education and entrepreneurial mindset. 

She considers herself a citizen of the world and her designs are a distinctive blend of her artistic experiences and eclectic cocktail of her voyages. Sophie’s design philosophy has remained to give the modern woman the key pieces to constantly re- invent her style while exuding confidence whether she is in a board meeting, attending a gala or travelling between New York and Lagos.

You can purchase Sophie Zinga at :

Sophie Zinga 7, Nord Foire BP 5409 Dakar, Senegal

Tel. : +221 77 131 06 58



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