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Sierra Leone fashion pioneer: ASCHOBI Designs

Aschobi is a revolutionary luxury fashion brand created by Adama Kai to make women feel exclusively inclusive. Being one of the first fashion houses established in Freetown, the brand is arguably one of the pioneers of Sierra Leone fashion. 

For its international launch in 2012, the revolutionary luxury fashion brand presented its Spring - Summer 2013 collection, during Paris Fashion Week, at the Parisian Palace Hotel Le Bristol. The international audience discovered this bold collection during a full-service private show in an intimate setting, a show which ended with standing ovations.

The "Song to the siren" collection inspired by Adama Kai's love and passion for the beauty of the under sea world. The collection exudes vibrancy, energy and a cosmopolitan vibe through body-conscious drapes, clean lines and audacious colours, all mimicking the underwater grace of the sylph.

Since her debut at Paris Fashion Week, Adama Kai took a hiatus from the fashion scene. I however cannot wait for her return with her electric, creative designs.

You can follow Aschobi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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