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Printex Spring 2016 Collection – A Duku Crowns

The latest Printex collection draws its inspiration from the head wrap or as it is known in Ghana, ‘duku’.

 The duku also known as gele in Nigeria is worn across the African continent but especially in West Africa where different styles and shapes of duku showcase the wearer’s mood. Some duku are loud and large, others are plain and simple. Some duku say look at me, while others can represent a time of mourning or loss. However one chooses to wear the duku, one thing though is for sure; a woman’s duku speaks volumes.

This Printex collection is for the African print lover who wants her duku to show off her appreciation of style, and color. While some relegate the duku to a simple accessory that says I’m traditional, the dukus in our collection say I am royalty.

We have used the trendiest and most colorful African textiles designed, printed, and manufactured in Ghana to make a bold statement about the duku.

Our Spring 2016 Printex Collection is ‘A Duku Crowns’. We hope to inspire this and the next generation of African print lovers to embrace the duku and use it to top off their boldest fashion statements.

Model: Miatta

Stylist: Adama Kai

Photography: Mamby Bayoh

Campaign Design & Edit: Narh Concepts

Make Up: Sharon Dulo

Creative Lead: Vickie Remoe

For Retail Orders: Printex Shop, 3rd Lane, Off Oxford Street, Osu, Accra

Phone: 0577 111 300

Press Enquiries: Vickie Remoe & Co


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