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Photos: Freetown Business School holds inaugural courses

Freetown Business School held its inaugural courses on Making Great Executives; Business Etiquette Skills, from 10 to 14 April 2017 at Mamba Point, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The aim of the course was to assist professionals and business owners in becoming professionally conscious in their daily activities at work, thereby acquiring the presence and ambience that goes with their status as executives and the status of the organisation. The programme reemphasised the need for effective business communication skills that will project the organisation as one that renders service per excellence. At the end of the training, participants developed an appreciation for acceptable etiquette in a business environment.

You can  learn more about Freetown Business School by visiting their website of following them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Co-founders Violet Asgill, Alfred Akibo-Betts and Christine Sesay

Musu Kaikai


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