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Photo: Dr Yakama Jones Foundation launches garden party & text book drive

Dr Yakama Jones is on a mission; a mission to get Sierra Leoneans reading more.

With the limited availability of public library’s  to cater to the needs of millions of young people and the inability of many schools and parents to afford books necessary for effective teaching and learning, Dr Jones established the Yak Jones Foundation to encourage people to donate their new and gently use  books which would be channeled to the right schools and institution to address the educational deficiencies. 

On Sunday 1 May 2016 the Yak Jones Foundation partnered with Sierra Leonean fashion house, Madam Wokie, to officially launch the Yak Jones Foundation with a garden party and text book drive at the Madam Wokie Showroom at 14 C Syke Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The event featured music, buffet lunch and drinks; proceed of which will go towards the Yak Jones Foundation.

To all those who wish to donate new or gently used books, please send us an email to or post your books to the following locations in Sierra Leone, the USA, UK and Australia:

In Freetown please send your donated text books to 40 Jenner-Wright Road, Cline Town

Or Concern for Young People S/L, 34 Pike Street, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

In the USA please send your donated text books to 4 Sunderland street, Apartment 2, MA 02121

In the UK. Drop-off address is 207 Camberwell Road. London, SE5 0HG at

Musu Kaikai


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