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Mumini Fashion by Abdel Kareem Elsudaise Mumini

A person’s body language is strongly influenced by the attire worn, and above all, how it fits. In a gentleman’s wardrobe some items are essential; like the elegant black stripes Rapel, worn by Salone Dapper, or the crisp white single cuff suit worn by the stylist himself, Abdel Mumini.

Mumini Fashion produces made to measure suits combinations. Senator wears, rapels, agbadas and tunics. Irrespective of the occasion; be it a wedding, a regular business day or a night out.

Check out Mumini Fashion store at 2 Campbell Street Freetown, Sierra Leone  

Tel: +23276779755/+23278204465

Designer: Abdel Mumini 

Models Salone Boboh & Abdel Kareem Elsudaise Mumini

Photographer: Dominique Fofanah

Musu Kaikai


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