Madam Wokie Kettle Purses

Sierra Leonean designer, Maryann Kaikai of Madam Wokie recently unveiled a new product, the Madam Wokie Ankara Kettle Purse. The bright petite size purses feature a choice of Ankara fabrics, tassels and a metallic chain strap. Each purse is named after prominent female Paramount Chiefs from Sierra Leone.

Madam Wokie Ankara print purses are exclusively available for purchase at the Madam Wokie showroom, 14 C Syke Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone. You can also purchase them at the Madam Wokie online shop. Worldwide shipping is available.

Madam Yoko

Madam Hawa

Madam Yatta Massaquoi

Madam Hawa

Madam Miatta Kaikai

Musu Kaikai

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