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Madam So-Musu

The older I get, the more I appreciate traditional fashion, culture and the old way of life. Growing up my grand parents, especially my grandmothers Ester So-Musu and Ma Marie, played a huge role in my upbringing. One thing I admired most about them was their fashion sense. They had an amazing knack for combining colours and prints to create the most beautiful outfits.

My paternal grandmother Marie particularly loved wearing gowns. Everyday had a new print, even when she was home. As a Muslim woman, she would dress modestly from head to toe, and accessorise with a bright coloured scarf. Last year, when I decided to launch my fashion line, MODE by Musu Kaikai, I knew I wanted to start off with gowns, as a special tribute to my grandmothers who inspired my personal style.

When planning my wardrobe for Marrakesh, I put in a special request to my sister Maryann Kaikai, aka Madam Wokie, to create the next line of designs, the Madam So-Musu Boubou. A collection of brightly coloured Ankara print gowns in a variety of colours and prints.

All gowns will be available for purchase at Madam Wokie, 14 Syke Street Freetown.

The inspiration for the photographs was the work of legendary Senegalese film director, producer and writer, Ousmane Sembène, whose talent for photographing the quintessential African women remains unmatched.

My bag is from Sierra Leonean designer Madam Wokie. You can purchase it online HERE.

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