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Life in MODE: Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy

Hi everyone, it's been a minute. I am so sorry about the lack of posts recently, as I took a hiatus to focus on work, life and family. I am happy to be back, and while I cannot promise regular posts, I will try to bring you updates as often as I can.

In early August, I took my annual vacation to Italy, together with my sister Wokie and my friend Alari. We visited Milan, Venice and Lake Como. This was my first time in Lake Como, and I can definitely say it would not be my last. Lake Como was so peaceful, so serene, and most importantly very warm. As expected the food was amazing, and the locals were quite welcoming.

On our second day in Cernobbio, Lake Como, we rented a speedboat to explore the surrounding villages. We were quite shocked to discover that rental boats did not come with a sailor as part of the package. Wokie was however enthusiastic about learning, and after a five minute crash course, we were on our way to Bellagio.

Below are photos from our excursion that day, enjoy.

Our outfits are from my label, MODE by MKK. You can shop the looks online by clicking here, or at Madam Wokie, 14 Syke Street Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Musu Kaikai


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