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Inhale, exhale... enjoy the moment

One of the things I love most about life in Sierra Leone is the peace and tranquillity you get from beautiful spaces, the beach is one of those places. Sierra Leone is blessed with so many beautiful beaches; from Lumley Beach to Number 2 Beach, Tokeh Beach to Bureh Beach, Sierra Leoneans are spoilt for choice.

When planning the Spring/Summer 2021 Collection photoshoot, it was important that I capture moments from Lumley beach, the most popular beach in Freetown.

The face of Lumley Beach has changed over the last 15 years. It has transformed from once being a quiet peaceful beach, to a vibrant hotspot for day and night-time activities. However, despite these changes, there a still beautiful spots on the beach that you can find to unwind after a long day.

Musu Kaikai


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