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Fundraising appeal: Help Lifeline Nehemiah Project provide antenatal training and mentoring for youn

In a 2015  survey in Freetown, the maternal death rate for girls under 17 was 1 in 7 compared to 1 in 10 000 in the UK.  And when a girl dies, her baby has a 50% chance of dying before their first birthday. With the input of young parents certified nurse, Lucy November, has been researching the reasons why, and with her friend Mangenda Kamara, they plan to start a mentoring programme to provide the support these girls and their babies need.Mentoring will mean that girls will be more likely to access antenatal care – a vital life-saving intervention.  If you’re not having your iron levels checked, and have untreated anaemia, you are at risk of bleeding; if you don’t get your blood pressure checked, you can have an eclamptic fit with no warning; if you don’t have your tetanus injections, you and your baby could die of tetanus.  And those are just a few examples of the life-saving benefits of mentoring.  Other vital needs include a birth companion, support to breastfeed, help setting up a little business so girls can have enough  to eat, etc.

The November family lived in Sierra Leone for years and have lots of good friends at Lifeline Nehemiah Project,  who provide training and mentoring for young people. Please sponsor Caleb and Lucy November in the 6 km Bantham Swoosh swim, and help them set this up and give these girls and babies a better chance at life and health.

To learn more about Lifeline Nehemiah Project, click HERE and to donate learn more please click HERE.

Musu Kaikai


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