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Explore Bahamas: Junkanoo 2018

So for new years eve 2017 the plan was pretty simple: church from 11:30 pm to 12:30 am, then a fabulous new years eve party until the wee hours of 1 January 2018. So what if I missed the fireworks at 12 midnight, the champagne and canapes I would consumer later would make for it right? Wrong!

I arrived at church at 11:45 and noticed that it was nowhere near starting. At precisely 12 midnight, when fireworks were going off outside and people were screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR, the organist stuck a chord, indicating that we were now in the presence of the Lord. While the service was thankfully amazing,  it ended at 1:30 am. The first message I received afterwards was a notification that my fabulous new years eve party was over. 

Not to ruin the night, I decided to attend the the annual new years eve Junkanoo Parade in Downtown Nassau which coincidentally starts at 2:00 am. You hear that right, 2:00 am. Junkanoo is a street carnival  that involves a live musical parade, themed carnival floats, fancy costumes and lots of dancing. It is  held to commemorate special occasions such as Christmas, Independence day, Easter, etc. As my friend Bryane noted, "In Bahamas, we have a Junkamnoo for everything". 

My favourite memory of the new years eve Junkanoo parade was how it brought people together from all works of life and various parts of the world to party and let loose. The atmosphere was electric and the music was so invigorating, I literally danced until sunlight.  


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