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Explore Bahamas: Bahama Barrels Wine Bar & Art Studio

As I noted in my last post, Bahama Barraels by Graycliff is the first and only wine refinery in The Bahamas. The establishment of the company was inspired by a memorable wine trip to South Africa by its owner, Paolo Garzaroli, who returned to the Bahamas with visions of having his very own winery and chocolate factory. Several years later, the Graycliff franchise currently includes a hotel and restaurant; wine processing, tasting and retail; cigar and chocolate manufacturing; and an art studio which manufactures scented candles, incense and many more products.  

The first thing that drew my attention to Bahama Barrels  was the bold colours of the wine bar and arts studio. I had passed the building several times on my way from the National Art Gallery and on a very hotel day, I though why not pop by and see what it has to offer. I am so happy I did because the customer service was excellent, and I made friends with their amazing staff  who showed me around, talked me through the process of making wine and cigars, and provided great company on days when I didn't have much planned to do. 

You could visit Bahama Barrels at 8-14 West Hill Street, Nassau, The Bahamas


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