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Cuts for Him|My London, my style

Cuts for Him (C F Him) C F Him was launched by a Londoner called Edmond Kamara. In a society were casual outfits are fast becoming the new smart option, Edmond aims to recapture the essence of how a gentleman with style should “dress in order to be addressed” appropriately. Subsequently, C F Him was borne out of a passion to celebrate individual style rather than trend, with heavy emphasis on the “sartorial” look. As the name implies, Cuts for him aims to take fashion back to the basics of a tailor’s cut of a piece of cloth to prepare a garment, combined with the attitude and panache of which the wearer carries himself in the finished product to create a unique style.

Since its inception, Cuts for Him has fast evolved to be the lifestyle hub for the modern man to include tips and reviews on grooming, travel, fitness, and art and culture.

Edmond is a firm believer of lifestyle choices that enhances and add value to a man’s wellbeing and ultimately contribute to his quality of life. As a result, Edmond has had the privilege to work with various brands in different industries whilst maintaining the core values of C F Him.

Stylist - Cuts for Him

Director - Chidube Ogbeleje

Male Model - Edmond Kamara

Art director - Edmond Kamara

DOP - Chidube Ogbeleje

Drone operator - Anand Dave

Post Production - I Art Craft

Words - Gayle Thompson

Musu Kaikai


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