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Apparel brand Royal Dynamite partners with Project Pikin to launch Freetown Collection ‘En Blanc’

Royal Dynamite is an America-based apparel company that designs quality t-shirts, hoodies, hats and sportswear inspired clothing for men, women and kids. Royal Dynamites’s unique fashionable apparel combine popular culture, community and social responsibility to create educational awareness. As Royal Dynamite strives to promote the idea of “collaborative style for awareness”, the brand has partnered with Project Pikin, a Sierra Leone based non-profit organisation to launch their limited edition ‘Freetown Collection’. The Royal Dynamite Freetown Collection celebrates Sierra Leone’s rich history  with particular emphasis on Freetown, the capital city and heartbeat of the country.

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, was founded in 1792 as a colony for freed slaves by African-Americans, Africans and West Indians. Since its inception in 1792, a lot of historical events have taken place including a historical landmark for the transatlantic slave trade, its independence in 1961, a 10-year civil war, and now taking part in the African renaissance. Today, Freetown is in a new era with powerful generation full of energy and innovation, pushing freedom in all aspects and taking the city to higher heights!

Project Pikin is a non-profit organization that seeks to address the needs of homeless children and orphans in Sierra Leone by empowering them through healthcare, education, counselling and safe homes. The organisation believes that every Sierra Leonean child should have access to basic necessities and feel protected at all times. The charity further aims to create awareness among Sierra Leonean communities of our responsibilities towards Sierra Leonean children and ending stigmatization and discrimination based on tribe, class or gender.For every product sold, $5 will be donated to Project Pikin to help provide care packages to homeless children and orphans in Sierra Leone.

To learn more about Royal Dynamite and how you can help provide a child with an educational package, visit Royal Dynamite or email

Musu Kaikai


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