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Nigerian fashion designer, Dumebi Iyamah, is arguably one of the most talented young creatives in Nigeria, which is why it comes as no surprise that her brand, Andre Iyamah, has established itself among the top designers in Africa. Recognising her passion for fashion and the arts at an early age, Dumebi advanced her tailoring skills and educated herself about fashion, which led her to start designing pieces for the Adrea Iyamah brand at he age of 17, and launching her business in 2011.

Speaking to The Corporate Canvas about her journey, Dumebi notes that "Growing up I knew my dream was to become a fashion designer and own a clothing line. Although I imagined this dream becoming a reality much later in life such as in my 30s, I still worked at acquiring necessary skills such as sewing at the age of 13. I have always been a lover of art. Growing up I often occupied myself with drawing and painting until I later fell in love with fashion illustration and began to sketch dresses I would dream of creating."

Although Andrea Iyamah is popularly recognized for its eccentric and unique take on swimwear, the brand also specializes in ready-to-wear and custom made special event dresses, including bridal gowns.

Located in Ontario Canada, the brand caters to females across borders looking to rock a fabulous piece to an event or an edgy bathing suit on a steamy vacation.

You can follow Adrea Iyama's journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit the Andrea Iyamah website to make a purchase or see previous collections.

To see more looks from the 2017 collection visit Bella Naija.


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