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Woman nor de do dande...

Halfway through the Mode Observer Spring/Summer 2021 photoshoot at Lumley Beach, the team and I felt it will be a good idea for the model to take some photos inside the boat. The sea was calm, the fishermen and fishmongers were less busy, and the boats were empty. There were already children playing in one of the boats so we really didn't think two adult females joining them will be a problem... boy were we wrong.

About 5 minutes into the session a young man shouted "woman nor de do dande, woman nor de do dande. Una comot yanda... " Apparently women in fishing boats is a taboo, and while women are invaluable in selling and processing the catch, the tradition in that communityis that they had no place in the fishing boats. Whether or not this is true is another story.

In no time a small crowd had gathered around us and a back-and-forth ensued. Despite no sign indicating the rules at the fishing community, and our unreserved apologies for not asking the rules, the crowd wanted compensation and the instigator refused to relent until he was satisfied. Thankfully a young lady nearby stepped in and advised the crowd that since we were new it the community it was unfair to expect that we would know the rules.

Once again he crowd was abated, and we continued with our photoshoot on the shore.

The two models reaction to the

I was blessed to work with Melissa and Mymuna, who remised unfazed throughout every challenge thrown at us during the photoshoot. I am also grateful for Dominique who remained calm and acted as the mediator/advocate.

I can't wait for you all to see behind the scenes videos from the shoot.... watch this space.

Musu Kaikai


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