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What to expect: Shop, Eat, Sip by Royal Dynamite, Simche Bello & Ninas Cookery Corner 23/6/2018

Royal Dynamite

Royal Dynamite’s collaborative, unique fashionable t-shirts and hats combine popular culture, community and social responsibility to create educational awareness. The main message is collaborative style for awareness; that involves partnerships with businesses, brands and artists to facilitate social change and self-expression through fashion. The brand was founded in 2010 by Cecil Williams, Raphael Saye and Nadia Sasso.


Simche Bello designs was founded in May 2016 by two Sierra Leoneaneas based in the UK; Annalisa Williams and Salma Bello.  Annalisa and Salma fell in love with African fabric following visits to Sierra Leone and decided to start a small business that sells African inspired accessories, clothing and home decor that exude the rich, vibrant colours of Africa.

Nina’s Cookery Corner

Nina’s Cookery Corner was founded in 2014 by Nina Turay. Nina’s Cookery Corner is a West African food-catering company that specialises in Sierra Leonean cuisine blended with continental influences. To Nina, food is much more than ingredients; it is about breaking social barriers and bringing people together in any social gathering. Nina's goal is also to bring traditional African food to the mainstream food industry with five star Michelin restaurant presentations, especially now that authentic African cuisine is gaining recognition in the hospitality and food industry.  Nina's Cookery Corner caters for all types of events.

Musu Kaikai


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