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The MODE Spiral Layered Necklace

Even seen an item you liked online, gone in search of it, been told the merchant had it, only to be presented with a different item later? That is exactly what happened to me and my Wakanda

Ever since I watched the movie Black Panther I really wanted the necklaces worn by the Dora Milaje warriors. I love the confidence and fierceness it exudes, and how much it enhances an outfit.

Wile in Nairobi I went to my suppliers and asked whether I could get them. I was due to leave the very next day and really didn't have time to check elsewhere. My supplier was like "yesssss, let's meet tomorrow morning, it is yours". Fast forward to 9:00 am, we are seated in a cafe and old boy removes my masterpiece. I was like "whatttt! this isn't it". Then he was like "just try it on my sister, you will like it".I reluctantly tried it on, loved it and thought well, if I like it, others might. I therefore added it to my stock for MODE by Musu Kaikai.

You can purchase the Spiral layered necklace by clicking HERE.

Musu Kaikai

#wakanda #wakandanecklace #DoraMilajewarriors


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