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Explore Bahamas: Tour of Bahama Barrels wine factory, Graycliff

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

The highlight of my trip to Bahama Barrels at Graycliff was the private tour of the wine processing and cigar manufacturing  buildings. At the wine processing unit I participated in sampling, bottling, labelling and sealing of various bottles of wine. I have listed below details and photos of the fun experience... enjoy.

Steps on the vine include:

La Tailee: pruning

Bud break: when new shoots push out

Fruit set: flowers become berries

Green Harvest: removing excess fruit

Leaf pull: removing extra canopy for airflow

Veraison: sugars begin to develop, fruit turns red or golden

Before Harvest 

Measure sugars

Measure acid, check tannins

Calculate alcohol (11-14%) 


Picking by hand or machine

White wine: grapes are pressed off skin asap, then fermented as clear juice. Solids settle, becomes clear

Sur Lie Aging or Racking (moved off settled solids to new vessel) 

Red wine: grapes are destemmed, fermented on skins/seeds then natural fermentation

Pressed off skins/seeds, developed colour/tannins 

Barrel selection: forest selection, new or neutral, construction methods all impact specific wood characteristics to the wine (toast, caramel, butterscotch, vanilla...) 

Tools of the Winemaker

Aging: Slow, controlled interaction with oxygen allows the wine to develop





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